Rating Scale

I have a list of topics that I am rating my books on. For each book I will select 5 topics to which it will receive a rating of 1-10.

Funny: Was the book funny? Did it make me laugh out loud? Smile at the humor?

Cleverness/Uniqueness: How original was the book?

Romance: Was there true love? Did I feel the love?

Writing: Was the author’s style unusual/ eloquent? Was it easy/confusing to read?

Theme: Were the themes easy to figure out? Are the themes relevant?

Characters/Protagonist: Are there strong characters? Were there distinct personalities? Could I relate? Could I feel what the protagonist was feeling? Did the protagonist undergo change?

Science: What was the author’s take on the future? How unique was the idea? Could there be truth to it?

Perspective: What was the author’s perspective?

Message: Are there any messages for the reader? What was the author’s point?

Plot: Was it enjoyable? Did it make sense? Was it different? Were there twists?


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