City of Bones

City_of_BonesI finally got around to reading this book in this popular YA series. I really enjoyed it but, can’t say it was so great that everyone should read it. Much better than Twilight for sure!

So our protagonist, Clary, soon discovers a connection so a supernatural world where their are demons, warlocks, mundanes, and demon hunters. Her Mom goes missing and after Clary is almost killed by a demon and is rescued by the male lead of course. She learns her mother has a connection to the infamous Valentine, who has likely kidnapped her and he is looking for what is known as the Mortal Cup. So Clary and the other group of teens with the special abilities are out to find the cup before Valentine gets his hands on it.

Clary is your typical teenager female lead; brave and in love with the male lead, Jace. All in all the plot kept me interested and the twist in the end would have any Star Wars fan rolling their eyes I’m sure.

Protagonists 7, Plot 7 Cleverness 8, Romance 6 Writing 6

Overall rating: 7

I will probably attempt to read the rest of the series just because I would like to know what’s going to happen. I haven’t seen the movie yet but, I hope to.

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