There are two sides to every story

I’ve read many books this summer and I think this one was my favorite. Gone_Girl_Flynn_novel

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn begins with the disappearance of Nick’s wife Amy on their 5 year anniversary. Nick is telling most of the story and through out it, but you hear of entries from Amy’s diary. You don’t feel too sorry for this guy because he’s not a very good husband and you think maybe he did kill his wife or maybe not. The begging is a little slow but by the end of part 1 of the book you think you’ve got the characters figured lout then BAM Flynn surprises you during part 2. Things are never has the appear to be.

This was a great mystery novel and I was hooked! I’m not sure how I feel about how the book ended, but sometimes that’s just life. I really hope the movie is half as good. I think Ben Affect will make a great Nick.


Plot: 10 Protagonists: 10 Mystery: 10 Writing: 10. I’m giving this book a 10! 

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