Divergent Series

I finally finished the series this summer. So I love YA novels and I love dystopias so the Divergent series is just perfect. The first book, Divergent will really blow you out of the water! I’m sure at this point most of you have seen the move and it’s pretty close to the book.

Tris lives in a society where you must choose a faction to live in and hold all the values of this faction. Tris is divergent which means she doesn’t fall into just one faction as everyone should. She must do everything to keep this a secret or risk being killed or factionless.  She decides to join Dauntless which is for those that most be brave, fearless, and ruthless. We end the book with the destruction of the faction Abnegation by the Erudite and Dauntless factions, against the will of the Dauntless. 28b97a40-a4ca-11e3-b71d-1f078fe3e04f_divergent

In Insurgent Tris and her boyfriend, Tobias decide what actions they will take to put a stop to the killing of the divergent and other’s who disagree with the Erudites need for control. 

The final book, Allegiant, is what happens after Tris and Tobias leave the city and learn the true meaning of the world around them and the lies accompanied with them. 

I loved the 1st book and thought the 2nd and 3rd were alright. All three books are action packed with some romance thrown in there. I got to where I would skip the romance because I thought Tris and Tobias were being a little annoying when the other would do something not to their liking. I would give the first book a 10 but rate the series as an 8.5. 

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2 Responses to Divergent Series

  1. Sarah says:

    Dear Nicole,
    I came to your website seeking a simple book review of the book Schooled, by Gordon Korman. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a website that not only had book reviews, it also established a deep connection with the reader. I feel that you did not dissect any of the novels (good thing), and showed that you really understood the message. I noticed that you’ve stopped posting as much. Please start it up again and continue to post!

    Lots of love,
    A faithful reader

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