A Clockwork Orange

This is a story of a baddiwad nadsat malchick who loves dratting with his droogs and thinks its real horrowshow.

Did you get that? A Clockwork Orange is a bit like reading another language (teenage slang). In Anthony Burgess futuristic novel he tells the story of a teenager who’s joy is fighting the innocent, burglary, and being a downright juvenile delinquent. Alex aka Your Humble Narrator comes from a normal and loving family and yet he beats, rapes, and eventually commits murder with very little remorse.  Alex has a love for the classic works of Beethoven and Mozart which he tends to listen to after a long day of playing hooky and fighting. After he “accidently” kills an old women he is sent to prison. After serving for 2 years he is offered the chance to be “cured” in two weeks and be a free man. Little does our Humble Narrator know what he as agreed to. Basically through conditioning and “medicine” he becomes repulsed, literally sick, at the sight of fighting. He is released into society cured of his violent acts. However, Alex finds himself suffering of being unable to defend himself or stand the sound of the music that he found so much joy in. I won’t tell you how it ends 😉 . If you’ve seen the movie only, then read the book because it ends with the American published version, not the original. I read that Burgess publisher said Americans would like the book better without the last chapter so it was left out.

Now for my opinion. Did I like the book? Not really. My brother read the book and thought it was real horrowshow so I thought I would viddy and find out for myself. Is it deserving of being a classic? Yes. I really had to force myself to finish reading it. It just really wasn’t my kind of preferred novel to read. It’s like the Lord of the Flies, it’s a great novel I just didn’t like it. My score: 9.2

Cleverness: 9 Writing: 10 Protagonist: 10 Plot: 9 Theme: 8



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One Response to A Clockwork Orange

  1. Carla says:

    Well I will be sure not to read that on then. Thanks for the info.

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