Which way did he go George? Which way did he go?

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck was a very quick and read and I certainly can see whyOfMiceAndMen it’s a classic. The book is about two migrant workers, George and Lenny. Lenny is by todays standards a special needs adult. We know that George and Lenny have been friends since their youth and George took it upon himself to be Lenny’s guardian even though Lenny gets into trouble a lot. Lenny is a gentle giant who is worth more than his keep.

The ending was a little sad but, a great book and glimpse into the past of a different time and someone out trying to achieve the American dream.


Protagonists: 9 Plot: 10 Writing: 9 Theme: 9 Perspective: 8

Overal Rating: 9

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City of Bones

City_of_BonesI finally got around to reading this book in this popular YA series. I really enjoyed it but, can’t say it was so great that everyone should read it. Much better than Twilight for sure!

So our protagonist, Clary, soon discovers a connection so a supernatural world where their are demons, warlocks, mundanes, and demon hunters. Her Mom goes missing and after Clary is almost killed by a demon and is rescued by the male lead of course. She learns her mother has a connection to the infamous Valentine, who has likely kidnapped her and he is looking for what is known as the Mortal Cup. So Clary and the other group of teens with the special abilities are out to find the cup before Valentine gets his hands on it.

Clary is your typical teenager female lead; brave and in love with the male lead, Jace. All in all the plot kept me interested and the twist in the end would have any Star Wars fan rolling their eyes I’m sure.

Protagonists 7, Plot 7 Cleverness 8, Romance 6 Writing 6

Overall rating: 7

I will probably attempt to read the rest of the series just because I would like to know what’s going to happen. I haven’t seen the movie yet but, I hope to.

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Divergent Series

I finally finished the series this summer. So I love YA novels and I love dystopias so the Divergent series is just perfect. The first book, Divergent will really blow you out of the water! I’m sure at this point most of you have seen the move and it’s pretty close to the book.

Tris lives in a society where you must choose a faction to live in and hold all the values of this faction. Tris is divergent which means she doesn’t fall into just one faction as everyone should. She must do everything to keep this a secret or risk being killed or factionless.  She decides to join Dauntless which is for those that most be brave, fearless, and ruthless. We end the book with the destruction of the faction Abnegation by the Erudite and Dauntless factions, against the will of the Dauntless. 28b97a40-a4ca-11e3-b71d-1f078fe3e04f_divergent

In Insurgent Tris and her boyfriend, Tobias decide what actions they will take to put a stop to the killing of the divergent and other’s who disagree with the Erudites need for control. 

The final book, Allegiant, is what happens after Tris and Tobias leave the city and learn the true meaning of the world around them and the lies accompanied with them. 

I loved the 1st book and thought the 2nd and 3rd were alright. All three books are action packed with some romance thrown in there. I got to where I would skip the romance because I thought Tris and Tobias were being a little annoying when the other would do something not to their liking. I would give the first book a 10 but rate the series as an 8.5. 

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Big Brother is Watching You

1984 by George Orwell is considered a classic for a reason. What makes this book scary is knowing that there is a lot of truth in this.

Imagine a world where everything you do is recorded by the government…oh wait we already live in this world. Big Brother aka the government controls you through the use of media, lies, and pain. Gee that sounds familiar? People are brainwashed to believe that everything the government tells you is true and there is no way to dispute it because every thing is constantly changing so no one can go back and say otherwise. The book focuses on one man who has committed a thought crime which is a capitol offense where he goes to defy Big Brother but what he doesn’t realize is what will surprise you.  Everyone should read this book now!


Plot: 10 Protagonist: 10 Cleverness: 10 Writing: 10 Overall deserves a 10!

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There are two sides to every story

I’ve read many books this summer and I think this one was my favorite. Gone_Girl_Flynn_novel

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn begins with the disappearance of Nick’s wife Amy on their 5 year anniversary. Nick is telling most of the story and through out it, but you hear of entries from Amy’s diary. You don’t feel too sorry for this guy because he’s not a very good husband and you think maybe he did kill his wife or maybe not. The begging is a little slow but by the end of part 1 of the book you think you’ve got the characters figured lout then BAM Flynn surprises you during part 2. Things are never has the appear to be.

This was a great mystery novel and I was hooked! I’m not sure how I feel about how the book ended, but sometimes that’s just life. I really hope the movie is half as good. I think Ben Affect will make a great Nick.


Plot: 10 Protagonists: 10 Mystery: 10 Writing: 10. I’m giving this book a 10! 

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Fairy Tale meets Science Fiction


Take your favorite fairy tales and smash it together with science fiction and you’ve got the Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is a lonely cyborg loathed by her stepmother and stepsister because she is cyborg. She is forced to volunteer as a test subject for the plague that is killing the citizens of New Bejing after her stepsister, the only one who loves her, falls ill. For some reason she has an immunity and agrees to help the doctor search for a cure. At the same time she helps the prince by fixing his personal android because she is the best mechanic around. Meyer takes you along the typical Cinderella storyline in Cinder, Little Red Ridding Hood in Scarlet, and finally Rapunzel in Cress. 

I love this YA series and can’t wait for the others! This is great if you love series, but are getting tired of reading dystopia novels all the time. Plot: 9 Protagonists: 9 Uniqueness: 9 Writing: 8. Overall I would give this incomplete series a 9. 

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The Book Thief

Death has taken9780375842207_p0_v6_s260x420 many souls, but one stood out above the others.  The story is about a young, adopted,  German girl living in Nazi Germany during WWII. She begins to steal books and doesn’t even know how to read or write.  The family  hides a Jew in their basement who shares a special friendship with our protagonist.  


What makes this story stand out is Death is your narrator. You also understand how many Germans became party members or allowed their children to join the Hitler Youth because it was a means of survival. This is one of the best historical fictions Ive read in a long time.   Plot: 10 Protagonist:10 Perspective: 10 Overall a 10. SM_2

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